01 / REOptimize

REOptimize is a revolutionary system for optimization of wind, tidal and hydro turbine control parameters. It uses machine learning techniques combined with accurate component models to find the global optimum of the system at all operating points. REOptimize is explained in the diagram below.

02 / EWST

The Edinburgh Wave Systems Toolbox is a state-of-the art Matlab toolbox for the simulation of devices in ocean waves, particularly wave energy converters. It requires only Matlab (no Simulink requirement) and can also run in Octave, the free Matlab alternative. The toolbox itself is completely free and open source.

03 / EEMT

The Edinburgh Electrical Machines Toolbox is a Matlab Toolbox for the design and optimization of electrical machines, especially permanent magnet machines. Includes multi-objective optimization and integration with multibody dynamics.

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